I’m a developer and solutions architect

Hi, my name is Bryan. I’m a developer and solutions architect. I can build your website, app, or entire distributed platform from scratch. Check out my recent articles and contact me.






I specialize in designing and developing websites and services, with a focus on creating high-quality solutions. Whether you’re looking to set up a new e-commerce site, ship your first mobile app, or gain a competitive advantage with a deep AI integration, I have the experience to get you there quickly.


I provide complete, end to end solutions for any idea or business need. Going beyond just getting something out there, I carefully balance timelines, cost optimizations, reducing support requirements, and enabling flexibility for the future.

Web development

I create websites and mobile apps with user-friendly interfaces and easy management. From simple blogs to complex e-commerce platforms, I can help you achieve your online goals.


I tailor automation solutions to simplify and accelerate your businesses most important workflows. Save money, reduce friction, and handle scaling your business with thoughtfully applied automation.


I ensure your digital solutions are always running smoothly with ongoing maintenance, troubleshooting, and enhancements.

What my clients say

Check out my clients’ reviews to see what they have to say about my work.

You never disappoint and appreciate your ability to work on complex problems, deliver with speed and substance, and do it with a smile! Thank you!

Project Manager

I wanted to thank you (SO MUCH!) for your leadership … Not only have you been a pleasure on a human level, despite all the challenges, but you’ve constantly pushed and partnered and innovated … there isn’t a day that I don’t feel grateful to have you as a partner. Thank you!

Daniel T.

With an impressive breadth of knowledge, Bryan has a proven track record of delivering thoroughly tested fault tolerant systems. He is a true polyglot and hands down the best architect I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. His ability to rapidly assess, orient, and implement holistic solutions to complex problems is humbling. Bryan is a mentor who oozes positivity in a way that infects the workplace and drives success.

Stefan S.

You did an incredible job taking a super complex initiative and breaking it down so the leaders could easily understand … Honestly, [this] would have been a disaster w/o you

R. O.

You jumped in and provided much needed technical confidence to the business teams. I truly enjoy working with you and so appreciate your working style – nothing phases you! THANK YOU!

B. L.
Project Manager

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